Gavin Prins

Your guide to the world of entertainment


It’s tough being an entertainment journalist. Gavin Prins should know. He’s had to have “quick lunches” with Celine Dion and Charlize Theron before rushing off to attend yet another star-studded event.

When he’s not presenting the celebrity show, Tongelos, he’s chatting his way through the best VIP functions to get the gossip for Rapport. And, puffy-eyed or not, he still manages to stay ahead of the game—he was the first to write about the Joost van der Westhuisen sex-tape scandal and he broke the story on the Oprah Winfrey school.

Luckily he is ethical, still believing in such a thing as “off the record” , which is probably why Oprah invited him to dinner, even after the story broke.

At 33, Prins might not have become the actor he dreamed of becoming as a young boy, but he certainly knows how to walk the red carpet with the best of them.—Cat Pritchard


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