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MRS EASTWOOD & CO’s Eduard talks about being gay, Dina and all the behind-the-scenes drama.

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The first episode of Mrs Eastwood and Company, a reality show on E! Entertainment saw drama with Dina Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s wife) and her boytjies from South Africa, OVERTONE! And cutie Eduard Leonard jumped out of the closet on international TV. We asked him about coming out, reactions from the public and what we can expect in the next few episodes. And Eduard did not hold back.

What has the feedback been like since Mrs Eastwood and Co flighted on South African TV on Sunday?

I personally have had a tremendous positive response, people are in fact truly supportive.

Were you expecting people to be so positive?

Yes, we have always had a great support base of fans and friends in South Africa, not to mention our amazing families.

What are fans saying about the show and your performance?

We are gaining more and more fans internationally as the show is premiering abroad, they love our music especially our new songs Nothing Else Matters and Rush

What were you guys doing when it aired in SA?

We were driving back to our hotel after a show in New Jersey, we knew because Twitter was going berserk .

Did you get a call from family and friends?

No, just many messages of how proud they are and that they support me all the way.

What has the journey been like since the show started in the US?

We moved to Los Angeles and actually missed the last half of the series because we didn’t own a television, other than that not much has changed, we are working harder than ever.

Is Emile (member of OVERTONE) really a pain in the ass as we saw?

Not at all, we are like brothers, we quarrel like brothers do and then its over with, he has been a great help to me.

What can we look forward to in the next episode?

I don’t want to give too much away but Hawaii was crazy, a broken nose, out of control boyfriend, you will just have to wait and see.

When is the next season starting in America?

That all depends on Dina, E! is very keen on starting as soon as possible.

Eduard Leonard of Overtone in the new reality show Mrs Eastwood & Co. PICTURE: GOOGLE

You had quite an emotional time in the first episode coming out of the closet. Do you think you did the right thing and why?

Yes it was so worth it, I have kids talking to me from South Africa, the US, Ireland and Australia, all going through the same thing, I gave permission to release the story because I wanted people out there to see you can be out and live a normal happy life. I had no one to look up to growing up so if I can be that person for only one teenager out there I’m happy.

Do you have stalkers now?

No, lets just call them very-motivated-fans

What is next for Overtone?

We are working on new material and want to do a tour soon, maybe even release an album with some Afrikaans songs in SA.

What is Dina Eastwood like?

She is beautiful, inside and out! She fights for those who can’t fight for themselves and guides people, especially me, to see their full potential.

Give us some behind the scenes info that we dont get to see on TV?

Obviously a lot goes on that doesn’t make the cut for the episodes, what I have found is that filming is like therapy on speed, the fights are intense but over soon, there is no dragging grudges along, there is just no time or energy to do it. It has been a very therapeutic ride.

Are you single? lol

Oh yeah, and loving it!


Author: Gavin Prins

Gavin is a entertainment reporter at Rapport newspaper in South Africa. He presented Tonge los on channel 111.

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