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MARRIED IN JUST 3 HOURS – Thanks to Jacaranda FM’s Martin Bester. Dress, cake, pastor, photographer, guests, honeymoon in marathon wedding.

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Monique Joubert and Rui Mocca have been engaged for ten years and vowed to get married the day it snowed in Jo’burg.

Monique Joubert and Rui Mocca before the wedding. PICTURES: JacarandaFM

So yesterday when large parts of Gauteng were covered in an icy white blanket, Monique’s sister, Lurika, gave Jacaranda FM

 a call – asking if they could help to turn this dream into reality. They relayed the message to everyone’s favourite address Martin Bester Drive.

“An entire wedding… with all the bells and whistles… organized in just 3 hours? Challenge accepted”, said Martin Bester Drive’s resident stuntman, Arod.

The team sprang into action just after the 4pm news – asking listeners who knew ministers, tailors, dressmakers, florists, bakers, photographers and more to help to accomplish the IMPOSSIBLE. In under a minute phones were ringing off the hook and within about 15 minutes the foyer was already filling up with people willing to help.

Even the honeymoon was sponsored at a popular JoBurg hotel, a BMW 650i as the wedding car,

By 6:30pm everything was set up for what is probably the shortest notice wedding EVER.

Thanks to this, and other efforts by Jacaranda FM News and a host of Jacaranda FM’s staff and friends,  a beaming Monique and Rui were pronounced “husband and wife” at 6:45pm – of course to a roaring round of applause by all involved, and the thousands following Jacaranda FM social media streams! Jacaranda FM – bringing you the shortest notice “Snow Wedding” EVER, along with the best mix of the 80s, 90s and now.

Martin, the wedding planner

Married in just 3 hours


Author: Gavin Prins

Gavin is a entertainment reporter at Rapport newspaper in South Africa. He presented Tonge los on channel 111.

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