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Loui Fish bares all in tell-all book. PICTURE: Lillith Leda

Oooh la la! Sexy model and TV-presenter Loui Fish like you have never seen her before. In her book TRY WALKING IN MY CHOOS that is due in October, she  reveals EVERYTHING. Or like Loui puts it: “I might ruffle a few feathers”. Just the way we like it. The former Tonge los-presenter says life after her gossip show on kykNET has been smooth. So why is this self-confessed cougar regularly hitting the front pages of the tabloids? If its not rumours about her badboy boyfriend Bartosz (29) and her having relationship problems, its her ex husband soccer legend Mark Fish and her publicly fighting on Twitter. (Oh how we love celebrities fighting on social media). This week Loui gave us an interview about the men in her life, her new ventures and that book…

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU AFTER YOU PRESENTED TONGE LOS?Life has been hectic.  A lot of people thought that I had disappeared off the face of the earth but I’ve been busy with so many projects like my book “Try walking in my Choos” which will be coming out in October both in English and the Afrikaans version “Onsinkbaar”.  My linen range “In Bed With Loui Fish”, The Loui Fish Agency, a clothing and now also a swimwear range.  And offcourse, being a mother to 4 amazing children.

FOUR? I THOUGHT BARTOSZ HAD ONE DAUGHTER AND YOU HAVE TWO SONS WITH MARK?We are also raising a 10-year-old that is Bartosz’ ex girlfriend’s child.

THE TABLOIDS HAVE DESCRIBED YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH BARTOSZ AS STORMY?It is “stormy” in all the right ways.  He rocks my boat and I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier, both personally and professionally.

YOUR FIGHTS WITH YOUR EX HUSBAND MARK HAS ALSO BEEN DESCRIBED AS NOT-SO-SMOOTH.As suprising as it might sound, things are very good between us.  We are great friends.  Not as good friends as he is with my fiance Bartosz (the two get on like a house on fire) but in the end, we share children together and their needs and well being alway comes first.

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT YOU MANAGING ARTISTS NOW?The Loui Fish Agency officially opened on the 20th of July 2012 and we are flabbergasted by how well it’s taken off.  We look after artists, models, singers, actors, presenters, radio and television personalities and have just launched The Loui Fish Agency Model Search 2012 in search for the face of “In Bed with Loui Fish” clothing range.  The Model Search is what sparked the agency and it’s just snowballed from there.

SO YOU AN AGENT/MANAGER THEN? ANY CELEBS WE KNOW?I am absolutely thrilled, not only about all the beautiful and versatile models we already have on our books but we have just signed Thabo Hlongwane, Jennifer Jones, Valeska Muller and ofcourse, my partner in crime, Christina Storm.

ARE THERE CELEBRITIES THAT MUST HAVE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU MIGHT REVEAL IN YOUR BOOK? BECAUSE YOU KNOW A LOT OF DIRTY SECRETS?(laughs) Well, I’m telling the truth, my story, what happened to me and how I experienced it.  It might ruffle a few feathers but then again, we have all done things we’re not proud of and some might not be happy with the story I’m telling but it comes with the territory of writing a tell all biography.  I want the South African public to know and identify with me based on my real life experiences.

GIVE US A LEKKER SKINDERSTORIE ABOUT YOURSELF?I can’t wait to become Mrs Rachwalski. It took me about a month to be able to pronounce it properly. (laughs)

WHAT HAPPENES NOW FOR YOU?I plan to take over the world.  



FOOD: BoerekosCAR: Range Rover but I love my Ford KUGA as well.

MOVIE: The Notebook or anything with Brad Pitt in it.

CELEBRITY: My two favourite girls – Lee-Ann Liebenberg and Christina Storm


Author: Gavin Prins

Gavin is a entertainment reporter at Rapport newspaper in South Africa. He presented Tonge los on channel 111.

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